Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1st, and then the 2nd

to : dheya

you know,
that right now
is maybe one of the happiest time in my life.
the first reason is, you!
my bestfriend. my sister.
a girl that has already been 3 years apart from me.
will move back to the same city, where we belong.
old times will be back. hanging out every weekend,
laugh about stuffs,
i realized that all my prayer are accepted.
and the second reason is,
maybe i will find the great one.
no need to explain this. it's much a secret.
i'll bla-bla-bla it all out when the truth revealed :D


Monday, February 23, 2009

what are we doing now

we are chatting on facebook now
also wall-to-wall on facebook too
and shared links
one link is about someone's picture on facebook LOL
and the other one is about someone's blog

Sunday, February 22, 2009


i think i am going to scream
my best friend finally will move back to our city

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, February 21, 2009

grrrreeeeaaaaattt newsssss

one sentence


omg finally!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

totally freak

i thought dheya is a total crazy because she was like missing me and loves me so much that she just wrote it down in the last post! hahahaha.

i am so tired because i feel really sick so that's why i'm not going to write tons of words.

tomorrow i will post another story, anyway.

and you know what? i miss dheya too :(
i want to talk to her, and share my stories desperately!!!!



its our photoboxes!!
lebaran 2008
i was slept over cabe's place
too bad the pict is very small


simple note

i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you
i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you
i miss you i miss you i miss you i love you i love you i love you

*now we look like a total lesbian hahaha

dheya's room raiders

my cozy bed with three pillow and green big warm blanket, and on the wall there are my college works (can you see it? the light was too bright), oh and guess what is beside my pillow? its Breaking Dawn indonesian version hahahaha

my college work (black&white), dvd player & radio, magazine, my beauty case, full body standing mirror, make up desk. this place is the most crowded place in my room!

left-right : big wardrobe for my fashion stuff, drawer, and the door with hanging clothes & bags

medium drawer contains scraft, shawl, underwear etc and i put my dolls on top of it. you can see geisha & ceramic dolls my fave!

black khaki curtain from IKEA
and on top of it there was a air conditioner (i cant sleep without turning it on)

trash can, green wedges, brown oxford, black peep toe flat, red flat, black round toe flat, white converse are in front of the door

well thats my room! looks girly right? but in fact im a bit boyish.
i just like how the colours and the wallpapers works!
it gave me peace and very relaxing..
i'd love to open the curtain and turn off the light when raining outside.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cabe owns

so dheya asked me to upload pictures of my room.
so i did it, and i am so sorry for the lack quality of the images!
haha i just took the pictures quickly by a camera phone.
so, enjoy!

ok so this is the view of my room (i took the pic from the door)
the room is small, and neat. and so cozy at night :) love love!!

and this is my bed. i loveeee the colour of my bed
it's dark brown (i know that you know it's brown, but whatever)
the bed is my favourite corner actually, because i can see the garden from my bed.
beside my bed is my small-kiddy-desk.

okay this is the desk.
i spend half of my day here.
online-ing, draw-ing, etc.

the picture inside a frame is a drawing of me, made by Philo.
and beside that is a birthday present from my friends in high school :D
it's a canvas that contains their 'cap bibir' hahaha.

and this is my drawer. i dont know maybe it's not a drawer..
but i just love to make it simple, so i call it a drawer haha
contains lots of my stuffs.
such as perfume, novels, cds, gameboy, campus' stuff, body lotion, rings, necklace, bandana
and so on and so on..

aaaaaaaaaand the last but not least is view from the window of my room.
how nice? imagine you wake up from your sleep and when you open your curtain it is lyk
'taraaaaaaaaa.. greeny garden!'

upload your pictures too dheya!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

why read?

thanks to dhea for the birthday greetings :D

i'm looking lyk a pathetic today. i planned to fetch my brother at his school
and go to ambassador mall to have some nice corn in the cup.
but finally i felt so dizzy and canceled all my plans, and i sleep all day!
and when i woke ups just hour ago, my body felt like broken inside (sounds bad haha)
i can't move, dizzy, and i feel like vomit!
it is maybe because my PMS..
i hate times lyk this :(

dheya has already finished Breaking Dawn. how nice..
i am the one who bought the novel months ago, hasn't finished yet hahaha
because now i am bored to read that (why read, while the people are now in the making of all the movie?) hahahaha.
but i am curious though, what will be the ending. i hope someone wants to read it for me.

not too happy right now, i think dheya understand why..
i am so lonely :(


Monday, February 16, 2009

Woo Hoo

finally i reached this blog! i've been busy lately. having some major problems, waiting to be done. i could tell you that i felt like inside a labyrinth right now, dont even know where's the way out. but i can see a soft light just in front of my eyes. but everytime i'd tried to reached it or walk towards it, the light just getting further and further.

today is my uncle's birthday. and also cabe's mother birthday!


i'd finished reading Breaking Dawn last night. Im glad with the happy ending :D
its the last book of Twilight Saga! where's Midnight Sun, its supposed to be the last book, not Breaking Dawn *sniff sniff


Saturday, February 14, 2009

my stupid mobile phone

yeay it's raining again here in Jatiwaringin :D thanks lord. i felt so hot for the last 4 days, there were no rains and the sun shined so bright it made my eyes hurt.

i write again because i don't have any activities now :p so bored that i think i just have to share stories here. actually we have this very good newssss you know, but i can not tell you here. because it's a secret :D like a super secret. teeheehee..

i just got back home from Duck King. ate lots of stuff and feel completely full right now. waiting for dheya to go online (but i dont think she can right now), because she's also gathered with her big family.

this is the thing that makes me sick everyday (since a week ago).
i dont know which one is broken, my mobile or my sim card, they're just turning into dorks!!
i can not receive text messages immediately and also so hard to send a message.
please anyone heeeeeeeeelppppp meeee :( or if anybody wanted to buy me a new mobile, i will appreciate it so much :DDDDDDD thanks before. please anyone? call me if you're feeling so kind to buy me a new one. LOL


Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 things about Cabe

1. ok first i'll just inform you that my real name is SHIDA ARUYA.

2. and my friends call me CABE / CHILLI, it's just because i have a super tiny body. don't be surprised, because i am in college now, and i only weight 35 kilograms.

3. i dont like it when people ask me why my friends call me CABE. because i am tired to tell you, dude! LOL

4. i love to make friends. i am friendly (i think) lol. but my friend said that when they first met me, (all of them) think that i am wicked hahahaha.

5. my first birthday present from my parents was a ticket to Singapore. and now i know, why they bought me that, because the one who wanted to go shopping there at spore, were them (d'oh)

6. i dont know why i just love to speak in english so much.

7. i have this woo-hoo-est guy that i really wanna meet, Alex Turner. i really love him. he's such an artist. i love his face, i love his skinny body, i like it when i know his girlfriend is Alexa Chung (because they look perfectly fine), and i am melted by the way he speaks and sing (because he speaks british english). his voice is effing great. the bands are arctic monkeys and the last shadow puppets.

8. my favourite movies are school of rock, twilight, and across the universe (jim sturgess is super OOOOOOKAY)

9. i have experienced a near-death. year ago (2008) i took a shower for a long time with hot water. and the water heater is inside the bathroom (on the wall above me when i took a shower). and after i finish, i went out from the bathroom, and just seconds after that i heard a BIG BANG BOOM (lyk something BIG AND HEAVY is falling to the floor) and the thing that fell is, the water heater. gosh, i am freezing.. it could broke my body (especially my head) if i was still there.. damn!!

10. my lifetime bestfriend is DHEA RELADI.. she's such a great girlfriend, i cant say more.. she helps me whenever i need her!

11. i have 15 angora cats. and the names are : Piko, Pasta, Tetra, Lolly, Molly, Polly, Pascal, Goldy, Husky, Lionne, Junior, Tarrot, Crystal, Pixie, and Tosca. and my favourites are Pascal, Lionne, and Tosca (they are all gray)

12. my spine is curved from side to side, shaped like an "s". but thank god it's not too bad, so i dont have to wear brace..

13. i have this sickness stuff when i was 8 or maybe 9 years old. something happened with my blood. and i started to easily getting sick. i have to check my blood every month, for 4 years, and go see a professor. thank god, the thing is gone now, and my health problem is not as bad as my young times.

14. my parents always told me that i have to jump, or jump with skipping rope, to make my body taller. i want to be taller, but i dont know, i am just too lazy to do that jumping stuff, so til now, i am still short. hahaha.

15. i ate ice cream for breakfast since i was a baby.

16. i love my mobile phone, i cant live with mobile phone. i love them. cant get rid of them. if there is any one person steal my mobile phone, i will curse him/her to death.

17. i love curly-haired boys

18. i have this mix-max bottle in my room. empty. and i havent drank alcohol before. oops, i have once. and i dont like it. and i think i put the mix-max bottle in my room because i think the bottle is very skinny and cute! LMAO.

19. in my family, i am the one who has the palest skin. i mean i am not as pale as the foreigners, but among my family, i am the palest hahahahaha. and my brother's skin is so tanned because he loves to do sports.

20. yuck i hate sports (except swimming and bowling).

21. i love heels, and wedges! why? because they make my body taller d'oh HAHAHAHAHAHA.

22. i always (really mean it) sprinkle my body with Johnson's baby powder, every night before i sleep. and i also apply body lotion to my body.

23. i love opal stones.

24. when i was like.. 4 years old, i got mad with my maid because (i dont know why.. i forgot) maybe because i dont want to go to school and my parents forced me, and asked the maid to walk me to the school, and because i am angry, i screamed a lot, and i didnt realize that i walked backward and i just got in to a ditch, i cried, and i got my goals!! (didnt go to shcool that day) LOL

25. first time i took a tablet of medicine (surbex-t) is when i was maybe 7 or 8 years old, and i cried like a baby because i dont like to drink medicine, and my dad took a photo of me when my face was lyk 'HUAAAAAAAAAAAAA T_T' is just so bad. ew. hahaha. thank god the photo is missing.


omygod omygod omyDOG! (bark) LOL. it's the first post!!!

so is this the first posting? oyeah it is, LOL..

okay today i just wanna tell you what is soulsister and why we made this blog..
so soulsister has two members, they are Shida Aruya and Dhea Reladi..
and i (Shida Aruya) has a nickname called CABE/CHILLI. and we just call Dhea with Dheya. you just have to put Y for the 4th letter in her name teehee :D

we've been bestfriend since like 4 years ago. we were in the same class in the 1st grade of high school (i wont tell you the name of the school because i do think the school SUCKS. i mean, i think the school SUCKS.. i dont know if dheya thinks the same, but i hope she does. hahaha and yes she does! oh thank god). please dont mention the name hahaha LOL LOL!
i first thought dheya is wicked because she has this cat's eye stuff and her face was like 'why are you looking at me?!'. but since i didnt have any Jakarta friends there in Surabaya, so i finally found her, dheya is also from jakarta :D and i dont know.. we have such a chemistry, and we then be bestfriends until now..

and the function of this blog is..
because now i am back to jakarta (since lyk 2 and half years ago) and dheya is still there (surabaya) we find it's a lil bit hard to communicate with each other.
i mean d'oh we have facebook, and msn, and stuffs!!! but still, it's hard to tell lots of story via stuffs lyk that! haha. so we planned to write things that happened with us here..
much more easy and cool-er LMAO.

ok i think this is the end of my first post.