Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cabe owns

so dheya asked me to upload pictures of my room.
so i did it, and i am so sorry for the lack quality of the images!
haha i just took the pictures quickly by a camera phone.
so, enjoy!

ok so this is the view of my room (i took the pic from the door)
the room is small, and neat. and so cozy at night :) love love!!

and this is my bed. i loveeee the colour of my bed
it's dark brown (i know that you know it's brown, but whatever)
the bed is my favourite corner actually, because i can see the garden from my bed.
beside my bed is my small-kiddy-desk.

okay this is the desk.
i spend half of my day here.
online-ing, draw-ing, etc.

the picture inside a frame is a drawing of me, made by Philo.
and beside that is a birthday present from my friends in high school :D
it's a canvas that contains their 'cap bibir' hahaha.

and this is my drawer. i dont know maybe it's not a drawer..
but i just love to make it simple, so i call it a drawer haha
contains lots of my stuffs.
such as perfume, novels, cds, gameboy, campus' stuff, body lotion, rings, necklace, bandana
and so on and so on..

aaaaaaaaaand the last but not least is view from the window of my room.
how nice? imagine you wake up from your sleep and when you open your curtain it is lyk
'taraaaaaaaaa.. greeny garden!'

upload your pictures too dheya!!

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