Thursday, February 19, 2009

dheya's room raiders

my cozy bed with three pillow and green big warm blanket, and on the wall there are my college works (can you see it? the light was too bright), oh and guess what is beside my pillow? its Breaking Dawn indonesian version hahahaha

my college work (black&white), dvd player & radio, magazine, my beauty case, full body standing mirror, make up desk. this place is the most crowded place in my room!

left-right : big wardrobe for my fashion stuff, drawer, and the door with hanging clothes & bags

medium drawer contains scraft, shawl, underwear etc and i put my dolls on top of it. you can see geisha & ceramic dolls my fave!

black khaki curtain from IKEA
and on top of it there was a air conditioner (i cant sleep without turning it on)

trash can, green wedges, brown oxford, black peep toe flat, red flat, black round toe flat, white converse are in front of the door

well thats my room! looks girly right? but in fact im a bit boyish.
i just like how the colours and the wallpapers works!
it gave me peace and very relaxing..
i'd love to open the curtain and turn off the light when raining outside.

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