Saturday, February 14, 2009

my stupid mobile phone

yeay it's raining again here in Jatiwaringin :D thanks lord. i felt so hot for the last 4 days, there were no rains and the sun shined so bright it made my eyes hurt.

i write again because i don't have any activities now :p so bored that i think i just have to share stories here. actually we have this very good newssss you know, but i can not tell you here. because it's a secret :D like a super secret. teeheehee..

i just got back home from Duck King. ate lots of stuff and feel completely full right now. waiting for dheya to go online (but i dont think she can right now), because she's also gathered with her big family.

this is the thing that makes me sick everyday (since a week ago).
i dont know which one is broken, my mobile or my sim card, they're just turning into dorks!!
i can not receive text messages immediately and also so hard to send a message.
please anyone heeeeeeeeelppppp meeee :( or if anybody wanted to buy me a new mobile, i will appreciate it so much :DDDDDDD thanks before. please anyone? call me if you're feeling so kind to buy me a new one. LOL


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