Thursday, February 12, 2009

omygod omygod omyDOG! (bark) LOL. it's the first post!!!

so is this the first posting? oyeah it is, LOL..

okay today i just wanna tell you what is soulsister and why we made this blog..
so soulsister has two members, they are Shida Aruya and Dhea Reladi..
and i (Shida Aruya) has a nickname called CABE/CHILLI. and we just call Dhea with Dheya. you just have to put Y for the 4th letter in her name teehee :D

we've been bestfriend since like 4 years ago. we were in the same class in the 1st grade of high school (i wont tell you the name of the school because i do think the school SUCKS. i mean, i think the school SUCKS.. i dont know if dheya thinks the same, but i hope she does. hahaha and yes she does! oh thank god). please dont mention the name hahaha LOL LOL!
i first thought dheya is wicked because she has this cat's eye stuff and her face was like 'why are you looking at me?!'. but since i didnt have any Jakarta friends there in Surabaya, so i finally found her, dheya is also from jakarta :D and i dont know.. we have such a chemistry, and we then be bestfriends until now..

and the function of this blog is..
because now i am back to jakarta (since lyk 2 and half years ago) and dheya is still there (surabaya) we find it's a lil bit hard to communicate with each other.
i mean d'oh we have facebook, and msn, and stuffs!!! but still, it's hard to tell lots of story via stuffs lyk that! haha. so we planned to write things that happened with us here..
much more easy and cool-er LMAO.

ok i think this is the end of my first post.


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