Tuesday, February 17, 2009

why read?

thanks to dhea for the birthday greetings :D

i'm looking lyk a pathetic today. i planned to fetch my brother at his school
and go to ambassador mall to have some nice corn in the cup.
but finally i felt so dizzy and canceled all my plans, and i sleep all day!
and when i woke ups just hour ago, my body felt like broken inside (sounds bad haha)
i can't move, dizzy, and i feel like vomit!
it is maybe because my PMS..
i hate times lyk this :(

dheya has already finished Breaking Dawn. how nice..
i am the one who bought the novel months ago, hasn't finished yet hahaha
because now i am bored to read that (why read, while the people are now in the making of all the movie?) hahahaha.
but i am curious though, what will be the ending. i hope someone wants to read it for me.

not too happy right now, i think dheya understand why..
i am so lonely :(


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